Herbal Repellent Fly Catcher


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Herbal Solutions to the Fly Inconvenience

Why Strategi’s Fly Catcher?
A fly attractant, that will attract all the flies near by and leave out none. It collects the flies in the jar and traps it. The effect of solution lasts for 15 days. It can be used even in places where the population of the flies are dense. Fly activity reduces in temperature below 25c.

Climatic Conditions have an effect on flies. During summer place the trap on trees or near trash bins. During winter, flies get attracted to warmer areas hence; place the traps where there is sunlight/sun exposure.
Fly Catcher is effective upto 30-50 feet radius from where it is placed.
Placed trap outdoors near a fly source, if not kept outdoor strong odours may occur. Keep in a well-ventilated area. 100% eco-friendly.
Avoid strong windy areas. Allow 2-5 hours for activation.

Directions for use –
• Remove the lid, open the fly trap from the bottle.
• Cut open the sachet and empty it into the bottle.
• Add water till the green line, where the water level is marked. Mix well.
• Place outdoors where flies is a problem.

Where to use it?
It should be used outdoors in Markets, Restaurants, Garden areas, Garbage, Sea. Food and Other food areas and Animal Houses etc.

• Keep out of reach of children and animals.
• If swallowed, drink lots of water to dilute. Do not forcefully initiate vomiting.
• In case of eye contact, wash your eyes with lots of water for 15 minutes.


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