Love room fresheners? Now, you will think twice !

//Love room fresheners? Now, you will think twice !

Before you plug in a room freshener or spray one in your room just make sure you know what it can do to you! Room fresheners have been found to be very hazardous.  They affect your immunity, health and the health of your family, including children and unborn foetuses.

They might smell really good, and give a good feeling, but in real you’re breathing in chemicals that in turn harm you. They are only temporary, but what they do to you is permanent. They affect your hormones as they contain Phthalates. Phthalates are used as plastic softeners. They have been proven to affect hormones and interfere in our reproductive systems. The other side effects caused by them are watery eyes, nausea, asthma attacks, anaemia, loss of blood and appetite. It also increases risks for cancer and causes various chronic health problems.

Most of the air fresheners are made of chemicals and they destroy your immune system with time. So why choose chemicals when you have cleverer options? Herbal room fresheners are available in the market. Herbal Strategi manufactures room fresheners that are 100% chemical free. They are child safe, vegan and entirely made of plant extracts and aromatic oils, hence no side effects. They give you an aroma therapy effect like no other and also leave behind a spa like refreshing feeling. It’s time to think twice and shop smart. Choose products that are made for you, keeping your health in mind.

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