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When we see a cockroach our first reaction is to kill it, or spray repellent sprays on them. It is a known fact that cockroaches carry salmonella and various other diseases, they are dirty organisms. But do you know that the cure we use to get rid of them is often worse than the illnesses they carry?

Yes, it is true. When we see an organism that can harm us, our reflex action is to get rid of it immediately, so we do not tend to think what we use on them. Will it harm us? Can it cause illness to us? What are they made of?  None of us have any awareness.

The repellent sprays available in the market are made of chemicals that harm human body. They are comprised of several chemicals that we inhale with every spray. Most common used chemical is permithrin, it is a carcinogen to humans. And also has various other side effects.

When we spray these repellent sprays indoors, we tend to breathe in chemicals along with it. Since it is used mostly indoors, the spray particles do not evaporate immediately and so we continue inhaling the chemicals present in them. With each spray the particles settle down on various surfaces in the house and hence polluting the air present inside.

Inhaling the spray can cause irritation to the nose, sometimes leads to bleeding of it. It can cause irritation to the lungs and throat as well. It is also known to affect the central nervous system when there are high doses.

Another chemical present in them is cypermethrin, it can cause shortness of breath, coughing and congestion. It is also known to cause asthma attack and wheezing.

So many chemical inhalation every day, imagine the status of our health! Knowing the side effects of these chemicals sprays, a lot of herbal products have been launched in the market lately. Herbal Strategi, ie we make products using plant extracts and aromatic oils only.  The repellent spray we make have no chemicals in them and hence will not affect the air or the human body. They repel cockroaches and ants and keep the environment safe and clean. We care for you and hence we make products that will not harm you in any way. It is time for a change. A change from chemical products to herbal products!

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