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Cleaners that are hazardous

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We use so many cleaners in our day to day lives. Cleaners for the floor, cleaners for various surfaces, cleaners for kitchens and the list goes on. So many cleaning products are commercially available in so many sizes, shapes, and fragrances; we buy them to keep our house clean, sparkling and sweet-smelling. Each time we [...]

Mosquito Control Measures

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Mosquito Control Measures-Organic & Natural Ways for Mosquito Control Mosquitoes are a part and parcel of everyday life. They are an annoyance, but not something that can’t be dealt with. There are various methods, on various levels to reduce mosquito problems. On a larger level, we all know that mosquitoes breed on stagnant water and [...]

How to choose a herbal disinfectant product for your home

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How to choose a herbal disinfectant product for your home There are countless chemical disinfectants in the market. There might be many in your house right now. But is that a good thing? NO. Now herbal disinfectants are here and they do everything all the chemical ones in your cupboards do, but better and safer. [...]

How to keep your Bathroom Clean and Germ-Free

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How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Germ-Free To keep a bathroom clean and germ-free, let us first understand what germs are, how they get there, and how filth develops in a bathroom environment.  Germs are basically microorganisms that can cause diseases, they develop at an alarming rate if the environment allows it. A bathroom [...]

Household Herbal Disinfectants and their use in Baby Care

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Keeping your house clean is one task which never gets fulfilled. The satisfaction of cleaning the house has many levels all together, just clean may not do the job for all – Germ Free, is what many would look for especially young mothers who have children crawling all over the place. Most children are hyper [...]

Harmful Effects of Disinfectants, Cleaning Products & What to do.

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Cleaning products and indoor air fresheners create a pleasant odour and also have a flipside and might just spike the indoor aerosol levels. It has been discovered that air fresheners and cleaning products forma secondary organic aerosols (SOA’s). Secondary aerosols are microscopic particles which are created when ozone reacts with organic gases such as limonene. [...]

Dirty Secrets: What’s hiding in your Disinfectants & Cleaning Products

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Home care products like cleaners, disinfectants, bleaching agents etc are sold with the promise of improving your home and your health by removing dirt and germs. Most household cleaners contain toxic chemicals like ammonia, lye chlorine bleach, phthalates, 2-butoxyethanol formaldehyde etc. These products are used on floors, bathrooms, kitchens, on counters, tables etc thereby contributing [...]